For jamelia to have 9 marshall cabinets on stage?

fair enough if she had been playing a huge room or arena or something similar, but on T4 today she had a wall of 9 marshall cabs arranged 3x3 in what was obviously a quite small room which would probably have been filled by one. This would indicate that probably one of them was turned on...so why does she need another 8?

this is made worse by the fact that she didn't even have a guitarrist!

does anyone else hate it when pop stars try to achieve the "rock star" image by having huge marshall stacks or something similar?

cheers x
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jamelia???? is she still around?


she's pretty popular in the Uk for some reason

her latest song is called beware of the dog and "samples" from depeche mode's personal jesus (its basically the same song but with different lyrics)
most bands (Zakk Wylde, YJM) who have a wall of Marshall cabs dont even use them. in fact most of the time, they arent really cabs, just hollow boxes so roadies have an easier job, and its cheaper
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oh well at least marshall are making money maybe one day they'll make a good MG.
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