I admit I don't know much about wah pedals but can anyone answer me why people custmomise wah's does it ake them better or easier to use, all responses appreciated.
wah wah pedals bend the signal/frequency so they can adjust it to bend more/less, give it true bypass if it doesnt have it, add some sort of boost to it, etc. they just add stuff people like.
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To make them fit the needs of the person.

People mod to make the sound different/better.
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Some people prefer the sound of the old Thomas Organ Crybaby and/or the original Vox wah pedals that were released in the late 60's and 70's. Modding their wah is cheaper than finding and buying the originals.
I certainly think that a true-bypass mod would help my wah the most. Its a real tone-sucker. Fortunately the BBE helps with that somewhat, but I think I should do it someday.
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