I am a noob, :P

I have just started on the guitar, been playing for around 2 months, and i have a very annoying problem.

Basically, on frets 10-18ish on the b, g and d strings i get this really annoying buzzing noise, don't tell me i'm fretting it wrong because i have tried many positions and pressures and it still buzzez no matter what.

I have a Squier strat, maybe it's the strings? How often should i be changing the strings?

Thanks in advance.
do you have nylon or steel strings?
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your action is probably too low, try raisin it, at the bridge.
Action...Since you said you are a noob, is the height of the strings from the fretboard.
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do you have nylon or steel strings?

who in world would put nylon strings on a electric guitar????

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It could also be that your string gauge is too thick. Try one starting from 10 or 9.

Strings should be changed every 5 weeks or so, in fact, they should actually be changed every month if you look at how much playing time a wound string has, and if you play two hours a day. But that's overkill, just change them every 5 weeks or even two months.

Or it could simply be that those particular frets aren't filed down very well and ended up edgy.

Take it to a guitar 1337, and if he can't fix the problem then a good respectable luthier.

Chances are it's just the action anyway.

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