Well kinda of the same of the other guy that posted about his scales. I know all the penatonic scales and can rip em out pretty good. What should i learn next? Im geting bored making Wierd solos with the SAME scales over and over :P. Thank-You for ur help. ~~Dario
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learn major , minor ,melodic and harmonic. learn all the modes of the major scale all over the neck in differnt keys. learn the chords that work best with them. good luck bro!
Ok thanks a bunch man !!
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Learn theory
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Quote by guitarhero_764
to hell with theory, you should look at the tabs on this site and learn some songs.

To hell with theory? Thats a rather stupid comment to write.
Theory will teach you loads about scales. More than you'll realise.

Try learning the Harmonic minor and Melodic minor scales. Perhaps some modes as well.
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I ussualy just go trough the scales in guitar pro and see wich ones i like.
Then i go on the net and find the positions etc.
blues scales are pretty sweet

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