I currently have an Epiphone Les Paul (and i love it), but I'm starting to think about my next guitar (something that would be a step up from the Epiphone). I also really want a guitar with a locking tremelo, so I can do all the cool stuff that Vai, and Joe Satriani do (They are my big guitar influences). I've been playing a few guitars , to help make my decision and the two so far that i really enjoyed were the Ibanez JS1200, and the Jackson SL3 Soloist. Out of these two guitars, which would you recomend? Is there any other guitars you think I would like? Remember, i want something around $1000-$1500.
JS1200 is great, but I don't like sig guitars in general so meh. As for the Soloist... I was going to suggest you that myself It's a wonderful guitar, fast action, good trem, very good pickups - don't really have anything bad to say about it. Get it
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At $750 the Ibanez RG1570 is a lot of guitar for the money...why I bought one. Used 550 or 570 also have the good trems on them...You may not need to spend $1000-1500...
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^yeh maybe you could do that and get an amp upgrade if you need one? The Soloist is an amazing guitar though
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I'll check out the ibanez 1570. The less money i need to spend, the better. I trust ibanez, they make some very good quality guitars.
Check out the high end schecters I went from an epiphone to a schecter c1 classic they are great guitars ive even heard people say they are as good as a guitar double the price. Ibanez are also good guitar if you want A floyd rose but if not definatly get a schecter
I think schecter makes a C-1 (maybe a different model) with a Floyd Rose
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I think schecter makes a C-1 (maybe a different model) with a Floyd Rose

yeah they do the c1 hellraiser FR
I checked out the C-1 Classic on the schecter website, and its definetly the most beautiful guitar I would be considering so far.

Is there some special 5-way switching on the guitar, it showed something like that on the site, but I couldn't understand it?
Jackson SL3 Soloist ftw!

It's a great guitar, waayyy better than a C-1 and definetly better than alot of the Ibanez's but I can't really compare it to the JS1200. The SL3 is just great and is cheaper than it should be imo.
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$1500 eh...

Try this
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lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
the solist is a very nice guitar, my recomendations would be either a shecter c-1 hellraiser fr or an ibanez rg1570 witha p'up change.

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I'll try to check out all those guitars you recommended (I can probably find them at guitar center). Also, what are your thoughts on the Ibanez S series? The Prestige S's look pretty cool to me me.
Soloist definetely
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