We've only just formed, and I'm wondering what songs you reckon would be good to help us get used to playing together. Y'know, easy-ish stuff, but fun so we don't get bored. No massive solos either.

The songs need to have 2 guitars, a bass and drums. And if possible, no deep/growly vocals.
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this might sound dumb, but without the solo whiplash by metalica is a pretty damn diddly god song to get going, tis what we used either that or some like..... i dont really know, dont know what music you play but im guessing metal because of the solo and growly vocal thing.......

uhhh..... chop sui? toxicity lol, you can use 2 guitars and theyre pretty cool songs
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Everyone! usually learns Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica.
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That's not a bad idea if you don't want growly vocals.
But it's a bad idea if you're not a pop punk band.

I just saw you're from Wales. Me too
I'm from Radyr, it's a few miles outside of Cardiff.
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Chord of David, eh?
G Sus, perhaps?

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try Whole Lotta Love or Moby Dick by led zeppelin

Moby Dick is a bit....guitar-less LOL.

And Kill Me Again, I'm up on the North coast. Nice to see a fellow Welshman
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It would help if you told us what kind of music you wanted to play.

Well, I'm learning some scorpions stuff right now, so anything like that, or heavier, or lighter.....just something fun but not very technical.
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Starlight by muse It's pretty easy, but quite poppy aswell and by the looks of it your band don't like it. It's just it sounds less easy than it actually is.