OK so, I had my effect loop originally set up like so:

AMP -> Distortion 1 -> Distortion 2 -> Whammy (multi fx) -> Digital Delay -> Guitar

And I was getting horrible amounts of buzz and hum all all that. The reason I had it that way was so that I could play something, kick on my delay (which is set to HOLD) and I could whammy the repeats. Get it?

Now! I have switched the order of my pedals to this

AMP -> Digital Delay -> Whammy (multi fx) -> Distortion 1 -> Distortion 2 -> Guitar

But now I can't whammy my delays, and for some reason when I kick on my delay pedal it gets just a bit quieter, which I don't like.

Any ideas as to how I should set things up so that I can play my song, kick in my delay, have my delays looping, be able to whammy those loops, and not have anything get any quieter?

I hope that isn't too confusing and any help would be really appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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if your amp has an 'effects loop' put the delay through it, and put you whammy through the signal chain:
Guitar -> Whammy -> Dist1 -> Dist 2-> Amp/with delay in effects loop
Effect loop is the 'Send + Return' part at the back of your amp, if it has one.
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The recommended way of setting up effects is:
Guitar > Volume based effects (ie. compression, distortion, etc) > Modulation effects (Phaser, pitchshifter, chorus, etc - I''d count the whammy in here) > Delay and reverb effects > Amp. Following this, the new way you had set up your pedals is the recommended way. What delay are you using? Because if you're using a boss pedal I can't understand why the volume would go down. Some other pedals are known as "True Bypass," meaning that when it is turned off it is as though the input was connected straight to the output. If your amp has a different input impedence to your delay ppedal, and the pedal is true bypass, that could be whats causing the volume loss. I know that boss pedals are NOT true bypass, so if you're using a boss pedal there must be some other reason why. I know this doesn't really help too much but may explain the volume drop for you. I think FoolOnThePlanets idea is probably the best option to try. Sorry for the small essay!!
well I switched it again so its Amp, Whammy, Delay, Dist., Dist., Guitar and it works perfectly. Thanks everyone Now...I have to figure out how to set up my rack noise gate...lol