hey im looking to buy a new amp and i was wondering what yall think of the peavey 6505+ i really want a steve morse crunch heavy tone but when i go to some of my friends houses they play alot jazzy stuff and wondering if this amp will at least handle it decently and just for reference in style of playing my fav bands are deep purple, rainbowm, black sabbath, steve morse
In my opinion the 6505+ or 5150II isn't worth it unless you play very high gain metal. The reason is because the cleans are not that great. Maybe another amp would be better.
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the 6505 has more than enough gain for the type of music you play. Too much maybe. but the cleans are not very clean. the clean is actually kinda dirty all the time.
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Not the amp for you IMO. Its really a high gain metal amp, if you want crunch and jazzy cleans other amps will do it far better. Eg a Marshall JCM of some kind. Most of the bands you mentioned play Marshall, although Iommi plays Laney I believe so they may be worth a look as well.
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