Hi im planning to buy an Ibanez rg370dx (black)

And im thinking of buying a 30w amp

I play (Hard)rock,punk and metal like (Nirvana,System of a down,Metallica, The Vines,The Hives,Iron maiden,Ramones and more stuff.

Im thinking of a Roland 30 Cubex or a Vox ad30vt

Which amp would be good for me?
Im playing for almost 1 year now
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Vox may not give you the gain you need for the more metal stuff, don't know much about Roland amps though
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I have never used a roland 30 cubex but i have the Vox ad30vt and it rocks. The distortion settings are cool and can play nirvana and metallica but it also has built in effects that make it very versatile to play other types of music and get really cool sounds out of it.
I'd say Roland definitly for metal but it depends how badly you need the metal because Vox will probably be better for the rest.
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I think the roland cube. its amp modelas a really great even at low volumes and i'd say you get a lot for your money. However, if you'd be willing to pay a little more for the 60watt version you get another model call 'Dynamic' or somethng like that. This model is just ace as depending on how hard you play the sound can be clean or really heavy. tis brilliant.
check the web for some video clips of it
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il go for the Vox

But i think im going for the Ibanez Rg370dx ,cause now i got a stagg s300 -,-
My price range is like $375
Do you guys have a better idea for the guitar?
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I wouldn't get the Ibanez, the trem on it is notoriously shoddy *and* difficult to upgrade.