What happened to the intro riff? However, i suggest to use palm mute and downpicking (rhythm guitar) through all the song, it will sound more agressive...
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^Yeah what he said and :

I'm sorry to say that but I thought the cover was *boring*. It sounds plain dull as if it was Guitar Pro playing it, not you. Put some energy into, use downstrokes as he said, put bit more highs and bass and you should be good. You played it almost perfectly but the lack of energy made it lifeless.

Crit mine?
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Allright thanks for the crit!
But I was using downstrokes all the time !

And I didn't play the intro riff because I can't click 'play' and get my guitar and play along so fast, you know? And the chorus is the same so...

It didnt seem like you were playing it for fun. It sounded like you were doing it just to accomplish the fact that you played it.
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Hmm yeah your right, I remember I wasn't really having 'fun' when I played it. I was pretty stiff.
Good to know !
It's wonderful how people can tell wether you like what you're playing or not. +1 for musicians. Lol <3 [Rofl]
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ESP EC-500 EMG 81/85
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