I've been playing seriously for over a year now, and I think i've graduated past most Green Day, Nirvana, etc. songs like that. However, I don't have great picking speed and stuff so I feel kinda stuck. What would be a good band to play if I've gotten past the stuff i already mentioned but i'm havin trouble with soloes and i want somethin to help me improve playing soloes?
basically i know major and minor, pentatonic, blues, and mixolydian somewhat. What scales are used besides major, minor, and blues just to write basic rock songs, like classic rock and so forth?
Mixolydian is used a bit, I believe.

But it's mostly major and minor.
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Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have stuff ranging from extremely simple to fairly complex. So I would recomend the cd "Californication" for this kind of thing. Easy to play, and fun.
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learn some black sabbath songs like iron man but if you like pop punk songs learn the hell song by sum 41