I just learned to play Wynona's Big Brown Beaver from the ver. 2 bass tab on this site... I don't have too much trouble playing it, but it only KIND OF sounds like the real song. Is the tab incorrect, does Claypool use effects, is it slapped (despite being on the G and D strings)? Any help would be appreciated.
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you can slap on any string you dont need to just slapon E

I have no clue on this song tho as i have never tried playing or learning it, most tabs have notation so you know when to slap and pop and stuff
Theres a bit of distortion, well thats how I play it and it sounds ok. Just play kind of loose during the chorus, if you know what I mean. Dont linger on the notes, I dont think its slapped either.
To me, it doesn't sound like he slaps and in the music video he doesn't slap . Then again, he's wearing a plastic cowboy costume too so...
strum downwards with your fingernail hitting the strings? thats how i do it and it sounds fine. maybe change the EQ on your bass/amp
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