i find it really hard to play standing up. picking and fretting, anyone have any tips on how to get past this.
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hole your guitar high so you so your guita is at sitting level when you are standing then as you get better keep moving the guitar as far down as you like it
practice standing up would be a start, also make sure your straps not to low, youll get used to it though
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Adjust the strap until you find it feeling more comfortable. Past that, you just gotta get used to the feeling of playing standing up by practicing.
Play with your guitar high up, so it's like sitting down and practise standing alot more. You'll look like a twat but oh well
Gradually lower it as you see fit.
this might help i dont really know but put one of your feet on something like a chair, get used to that feeling, then do it without, it helped me a bit

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u must be a freak then. it is well easy to play and stand up at the same time. spend more time practising standing up.
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im also having trouble standing up and palying, when im standing , the frets seem like their in a different position, since when im sitting my head is like over a different spot on the neck, but it is getting easier since i started some brutal stretch exercises
You have to practice it. I had troubles standing up as well, but it just did it lots, and all was good.
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I used to practise sitting down all the time, but now ive gotton into playing standing up. Is hard at first but you will get used to it, and when you do its great!! I always practise standing now. It will come naturally ull see.
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i think one of the biggest problems is that when you sit, you kind of tilt the guitar into your stomach making it easier to see the fret board. when you stand, it goes stright down. now you may be able to play with out looking but your hands will get used to playing in that tilted position. one thing you can do is when you are sitting, make sure you dont tilt. another thing is to just practice standing up more. you could also try playing in front of a mirror so that you can see everything you are doing. that way you can see and your hands will get use to playing without the tilt.
also, it helps if when you practice while sitting, if you rest your guitar on your left leg instead of your right leg, and prop up your left leg on a little stool or something, this is more what it's like standing up, and it's also better posture
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Ya, it's hard for me as well. The problem is because the neck is so low, my fingers have less reach on the frets, especially the higher ones.
I have no problem going from sitting to standing. It's always been the same to me since I started playing. Maybe don't have your strap so low.
youll want your strap relativley high. i always was looking at pictures of people playing and i still have trouble figuring out how some of them play with it so low. Preference i guess. its alot easier having the guitar higher up on your body
play sitting with your neck tilted up about 60 degree angle, then do it while playing, keep your strap up semi-high and it should feel the same
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Yeah strap postion is a biggy. Id rather sound better than have my strap low just for looks.
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I'm going to say the exact same thing that nearly every one of the posts said before me.

Start with the Strap holding the guitar up higher, so it is at the same level as it would be if u were sitting. More acoustic guitar players do this than electric guitar players, but it really is an important step to follow until you get used to standing up. Then you drop the guitar, and it takes awhile to get used to that as well.

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yeah basically, its just somethign that takes some getting used to. theres no magic or anythign about it. But it is so much more fun, cuz you can move your body and stuff around, and really get into the feeling of the song.
I cant read the entire thread, but if you have your strap ridiculously low to look cool, stop it. Put it so high that it is snug on your chest, and your hands should move freely without using your hands to support the guitar, AND play at the same time. If you do it like I say, playing standing up wont be different than playing sitting down
Get a small tea towel (or small singlet etc), fold it into a small square, and put it where you hip bone meets the guitar body, it will pivot the guitar towards you in the same manner when you are sitting down.

Hope this helps
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have your strap high at first
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