It seems that my amp and rp200a's effects arent sufficing too my needs anymore so i plan on buying some good effects pedals. I have 200 bucks. I've been looking at the boss DS-1, is this pedal any good? I play classic rock to metal and was wondering if this is gonna be good for the heavier stuff. I've also been lokking at the Boss dd-6 for delay. This one seems really nice because of all the cool features (especially the reverse effect). So if you guys have used either of these two pedals, or if you would reccomend something better your help is appreciated
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For Metal try a EHX Metal Muff, I personally dont like the Metal Zone.
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dd 6 isnt sterile. it's just expensive.

and ds1 isnt really good for metal, imo.

so if u can live without the reverse, then check out a dd-3.
and with the extra money buy a better metal pedal.

also depends on what amp ur using.

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I have a DD6, which I think is brilliant. I've tried the DS-1 and wasn't *that* impressed, although i've got a DS-2 (Turbo Distortion) which I use all the time, and might be better suited to your needs; it's easier to change from a classic to metal type of sound.

Of course, it's all personal choice and a lot of the sound depends on what other equipment you use. I'd always recommend going to a shop and trying the equipment first, with your own guitar if you can than just take my word for it.
If the DD-6 is "sterile" then the original guitar tone must be sterile because the DD-6 is just a standard unmodulated delay. It's supposed to be transparent. That being said, since you only have $200 I wouldn't get the DD-6 because it will eat up a nice chunk of your money. If you want your money to go further, look to buy from eBay. Boss has a pretty descent diagram showing relationships between their distortion pedals. www.bossus.com then "interactive" then "virtual distortion grid"
thanks guys, i think i may head with the metal zone and dd-3 instead
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