Alright, well one morning when I decided to play my fender deluxe amp I turned it on only to find this VERY abnoxious humming/buzzing sound. I was curious to what it was and it seems to go away every time I touch the metal part on my guitar jack. I was thinking it could a ground wire that's ****ed up in either my guitar or amp. If anyone has had this problem or has an idea to what it is or know how to fix it. Please reply All help appreciated, I have a show on the 21st and I can't not have an amp, you know
Yeah sounds like a grouding problem. If you can get the cover off, just check theres no loose wire or somesuch that should be connected to the metal chassis. Failing this, use a multimeter with a continuity checker to check the ground connections in the amp. Hope this helps!
Im sorry, multimeter? Haha

Im really not experianced with ANYTHING in fixing amps, pretty much only guitars. I've never had an amp problem before.
All my amps in my house do this (I have 3), so I'm pretty sure it's not the amp's problem. It happened at my friends house one time and we turned the house lights off outside and it went away. It's probably something else electrical that's turned on that's causing interference on the circuit.
I doubt that's it my friend^

Well some good news just came in. I used another amp my neighbor had with my guitar and it makes the sound too. Good news, my gig/main amp isn't broken. It's just my B.C rich haha. Shows how shitty those guitars are. No worries though, my esp will be ready tomorrow anyways. I couldn't care less about my ****ing B.C rich haha. Thanks for the help guys, but I can take it from here. Guitar fixing is usually always easy.
Good, nice to hear it wasnt the amp, those things are damn nice and itd be a shame to have one less in the world :P.