im using this


now is it 1 BEAT,2 BEAT,3 BEAT,4 BEAT


BEAT ,2,3,4 BEAT,2,3,4 BEAT 2,3,4 etc

im using to try and improve the speed of my scales....im guessing when you play four notes between each beat your play fourths? is that right?

if so, do you still count 4 notes (per beat) when playing the scale even if your 4 notes is across 2 strings?

and thirdly, would a good way to increase the speed of my tremlo picking be to play 4 notes per beat and find my maximum bpm and then try and increase from there, or should i try and play 8ths at a slower speed, 16ths at an even slower speed?

its beat beat beat beat, as 66bpm = roughly 1 a second :P

what i would do is set it to about 60 and break the beat down into 4, doing 4 notes per tick

DISCLAIMER : ive got no idea what im talking about, this is just what i did
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It goes:

1 AND 2 AND 3 AND 4

if you are just counting the beats.

And no, playing four notes per beat is not a fourth note.

It goes this way:

whole note = 4 beats
half note = 2 beats
fourth note = 1 beat
eight note = 2 notes per beat
sixteenth note = 4 notes per beat
32nd note = 8 notes per beat (i'm pretty sure about this one, but not completely)

and so on.

And about that your plan for tremelo picking, try doing the exercise with 32nd notes instead of 16th, as it requires more dexterity from your picking hand.