I was reading this article about Trivium in the last issue of Guitar World (Jan 07) and its had interesting things to say. Stuff like "Triviums lastest album Crusade is the best Metallica album Metallica never made" and "Matt Heafy now sounds vocally more like James Hetfield then James Hetfield ever did" , and "they're bum rushing the music world in a way not seen since the early days of Metallica". And all 4 members of Trivium are only in there early 20's.
trivium kinda gets borin after a while, i could listen to metallica consantly
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I don't like the direction The Crusade went in. I hope they return to screaming. So I hope they won't be, but Heafy said "We got approval from Metallica, I don't give a f*ck about anyone else" so yes they probably will be.

I don't like the Crusade that much. Acsendancy kicked ass!
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no, dont join the site and immedieately post shit like that. for one, trivium goes in the hardcore thread, two this is a pointless thread. wait a couple of months before you make a thread again.

Edit: damn theres more idiots on this site than i thought your lucky im too lazy to report you.
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if trivium can make albums as good as the crusade w/o losing intensity, theyll be my next favorite band nest to maiden
Metallica were young in their early days as well, and they made their own sound, not a half-assed attempt at sounding like another band. I've also heard that a7x or something is the new Guns N' Roses.
Wow some people are a little report happy in my opinion. Tis a little bit of a daft first post but everyone started somewhere! Oh and no Trivium will never be Metallica.
To be honest, they just don't do it for me. I don't much care for his voice.
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yeah, they're gonna suck

Agreed. Only Metalica had a few good songs. Trivium have nothing good at all, they can't even play well live! Also Trivium ain't hardcore there metalicacore or soomthing, they claim there trash or sumthing likes that.
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This technically could be in the metal forum seeing as how his topic isn't only about Trivium but also Metallica. And if they do end up being "the next Metallica," they better not be dicks about downloading music. Or are they already? I wouldn't know because I don't pay much attention to Trivium's belief on that kind of thing. I just listen to their music, illegally.
That's true, I watched a video of them playing Master Of Puppets live.
Oops, my bad, I meant I watched a video of them trying to play Master Of Puppets.
They may suck live, but they sure as hell can write good riffs.

Anthem is a brilliant song and so is Sadness Will Sear.
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G Sus, perhaps?

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trivium blows, stupid jan 2007'er that doesnt know they go in the hardcore forum and they for surely arent going to be the new metallica. no one will
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