Just wondering, how much would it cost to reroute a gibson or dean flying v to accomodate a floyd rose trem,assuming there is no cavity to fit one?
Jackson RR3 has a trem on it, not sure where to get it in UK, but they have them on Ebay sometimes.
Damn that costs a lot! I prefer a flying v based on the original '67 gibson model. so I'm not really looking into other models like the king or randy rhoads v.
^^ to be honest, it's probably not worth it... you could just buy another guitar with a decent floyd for probably not much more... and have two guitars into the bargain.
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Put a Kahler Hybrid trem on it.
I here their easyer to keep in tune anyways.

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man, if i were you, i'd stay true to fixed bridges.

as mulletmanblack said, they aren't worth the trouble (or even the money infact). Ive got a Flying V with a floating bridge.. and it's one hell of a pain to tune... then again, i may just be doing it wrong... but all the same, stay true to floating bridges.
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