I am considering selling my guitars (I have 4) to buy one nice one, since I will be moving into my own apartment this year, and probably won't have much space. I am trying to get a general Idea of what my gear is worth. Any comments on how much you'd pay for these instruments would be appreciated

(THIS IS NOT A SALE THREAD, they aren't for sale yet!)

I have a Made in Mexico Fender TELE, near Mint condition. the pickguard was faded, so I replaced it, and the saddles look a tad worn. I LOVE this guitar, but haven't plugged in in a long time. Finish is flawless, not a scratch.


I also have a Fender DG16E-12 string acoustic/electric. This guitar is absolutely FLAWLESS, and very well taken care of. I haven't owned it very long, and the original strings that came with the guitar are still on it! (need changing soon though)


I have an AUSTIN AU506 6 string acoustic, great condition, with a small nick on the back of the neck, hardly noticable, and a few minor finish blemishes


Lastly, a Lotus Stratocaster type electric, in fair condition, not thinking I can get much for it, finish is ok, but tone blows.

Ok ladies and gents, that is it. I am looking to get as much as possible. Ebay? Classifieds maybe? I am not really sure. It pains me to get rid of these guitars, but I fell in love with a guitar the other day, the Martin Dx1E, beautiful guitar, beautiful sound. I went in looking for a Taylor, but found this. I am just about ready to sell all the others to buy this one. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

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