I'm about to get my first guitar, and I just wanted some opinions from some more veteran guitar players.

The guitar I'm interested in is a 1979 Ibanez acoustic guitar (model # GW300). I have inspected it, and it is in good condition, and sounds great. I'm wondering what have you guys heard about this guitar, and how much would you pay for it?

Is it worth getting an older guitar that is still in good condition?

Here is a pic of it:

Any info would help a lot.

how much money? is it a solid top? If its somewhat cheap and a solid top go for it. Solid top means the more its played, the better it sounds. And after 30 some years it must sound pretty good! Looks cool to boot
Looks nice! If it's in good condition I'd buy it.
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Thanks for the help,

Yeah, it is a solid top, and the price is $275 (Cdn), and not too dinged up at all.
wooah, didn't even know that ibanez made acoustics that long ago?