I really like the look of the 80s models Charvels (like the Model 3) and Kramers. I understand they usually have OFRs and Kahler bridges on them, which I've heard good things about. You can get some decent vintage colors like bright red, yellow, hot pink, lime green, whatever...

I think some of these used to sell for $1000 and up 20 years ago when they were new and now I see them for 200-300 or so on ebay.

Are these a good buy assuming they haven't been abused, etc? I don't need a guitar but just in case I ever come across one of these for a good price I gotta be armed with the info...

Anyone here own one of these at one point or another?
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They're amazing.
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What im told is that Charvel used to be a really sought after make in the 80's and were really great guitars but now they have gone out a bit and people dont want them anymore. I dont know much about the newer models but the older ones should be very good guitars
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Hmm...now you guys are really making me want of these I'd strictly be interested in 84-89 model years...preferably about an 86 model. These are the guitars I'd drool over back when I was 12. Both on MTV and in the music store back in the 80s.

I don't mind that they're out of style, etc...that's what I like about them. Hell I have an 89 IROC-Z in my garage...talk about outta style! That thing is gawdy as hell but I love it!
ive also been told by two friends who own kramers, that for a "pro" guitar they are very good for the price.
sadly ive never played one
Top lel.
They are ****in awesome!!! My Kramer Proaxe is my main player now- its got BALLS mann!!!
I don't get the financial aspect....if they were that good and sought after, then shouldn't they be MORE sought after/expensive now? with the vintage/lack of production factor and throwing in kahler/non-floyd roses so easily, they should be quite a bit more pricey no? I mean, considering they're still considered pretty high quality compared to quite a few of the mass produced crap guitars these days.

I just got a charvel model 6 myself, today, best guitar i've played in a while with an almost unscathed body (well, it's basically a soloist with a kahler considering the mods the previous owner put in) and it cost me about a quarter of what a new sl1 woulda cost me :S that deal just didn't calculate for me, I was thinking the guitar had herpes germs or something.
That sounds like a nice guitar...Here's my take on it. MOST people want new guitars, so most guitars will depreciate a decent amount when they're even slightly used...just like cars. And for the most part, guitars from the 80s and 90s are just considered "blah" to collectors and "old" for non-collectors....just like 80s and 90s cars, too, I guess.

I've done some research since the original post and I've found that there is a HUGE collector following for the pre-86 Charvel guitars...USA made. The Model 6 that you have is a Japanese import, and the collector guys just don't go for that. These days, however, Japanese guitars are considered higher quality than those made in Mexico, Indonesia, China, etc...back then, they were just imports.

I think a Model 6 must have around $1000 in the 80s and that is a SWEET Charvel. IMO, it's a lot of guitar for the money with 24 frets, active pickups, good trem, etc. I really don't give a crap that the Model Xs are Japanese made...to me, that just means I'm saving tons of money.

I'd love to pick up a Charvel in bright red...it's hard to find guitars that bright these days and that screams 80's...well, not as much as hot pink or lime green :-)

I just bought a vintage 1985 Hutch BMX bike at a flea market for $10. My goal is to clean it, and ebay the parts to see if I can make enough for an old Charvel Hutches also have some ridiculous collector follwing on ebay....esp the American made ones...$300 for pedals!
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