I have a PRS CE24 (With the floating bridge) and i recently noticed the intonation being really bad. It's worst on the D string, and the others are slightly out. Is there a simple way to fix this, or would it be a better idea to just bring it to a shop?
move the saddles around a bit. ive never used a floatin bridge so i cant really help
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1.ok u need to have the string tuned
2.press the twelve fret at the e string. if it is the same as when tune open that string is intonated. if not go to step three.
3. if the note is sharp at the twelve fret move the saddle farther from the neck, if flat move towards the neck.
4 retune string
5 test to see if intoneated then move to next string.
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Ahh that helps a lot. I already knew that 12th fret trick, i was just unsure of how to remedy it. Thanks.