Just some help needed from those who have experienced either. Can the Weeping Demon do anything other than that insanely heavy wah sound they have on musicians friend? Can it get funky if necessary? Is it a digital wah modeler or a real pedal? does it have true bypass? From the sound examples they show on Musicians friend, the Dunlop 535Q Crybaby sounds more versatile, and the WEeping Demon sounds capable of only a heavy metalish kind of wah that doesn't even really say "wah". I'm thinking that the Dunlop 535Q is a better choice, but correct me if I'm wrong. I kind of need a wah capable of getting that funky Shaft theme song sound, and a good soaring lead as well. I looked at the Vox V847, but the fact that it has no AC input, and talk about it picking up radio waves and such kind of put me off, even though it did sound pretty sweet. What does everyone think?
I have the Weeping Demon wah and you're right it is mostly for the heavy metal wah tone even though its supposed to be versatile and etc. And yes it is a modeler but I like it it serves my purpose pretty much perfect. I wish it had more sweep to it.

If you want the funky wah sound then the crybaby is probably a better choice for you. Another thing I like about the Weeping Demon is the true bypass it has. Just step on it and it activates and step off and its back to your un-wah tone. You can set it to have a 1 sec. delay for the bypass I do believe but I don't mess with that.
I'd recommend getting a Dimebag crybaby from hell, as strange as it sounds. It's like a better 535Q, basically. And it's versatile, mine can do pretty much anything.
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Yeah I have the weeping demon too... it's great for what I use it for... if you're doing pretty gainy solos and such, but it's not really a "funky" wah. My other guitar player has the Dunlop Zakk Wylde sig wah and my WD7 sounds very similar to his. Still, it does have some controls that are pretty nice.

Generally, though, I would say if you're planning to stay away from high gain sounds, to try something besides the WD7. Although I havn't tried the 535Q so I can't comment on that.
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neither......... get a crybaby from hell
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Thank you for all the help. I believe I'm going to go with the Dunlop 535Q. but thats just because its cheaper than the crybaby from hell, and I've got a whole pedalboard to construct (or rather reconstruct)
Crybabys are pretty versetile. Im not sure about the 535Q but the classic and the orig are both "clean" type whas so u get the tone from your amp but w/ added wah. The classic sounds a lot nicer in my opinion because it has the fasel.
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