Okay basically my mum pre-ordered me a Nintendo Wii for christmas, but of course it still hasn't come yet so I still have time to change my mind.

I know most will probably say 'its your gift, choose what YOU want'

But yeah I really am stuck for ideas

so which would probably be the best?

the Nintendo Wii? I definately want to get one at some point, it looks VERY fun

A new amp? I'm in dire need of a new amp, as I have sadly a Marshall MG30DFX....
I want to go all tube and have been looking at the Laney LC15r, looks like it could suit my needs down to a tee.

or a new Keyboad? I currently own a really crappy keyboard, with melted keys from where my damn sister has left her hair straighteners on it. The more I improve at piano, the crapper it sounds/feels. I really want to get a decent piano with weighted keys. Basically the closer to a Grand piano, the better

so UGers...what would YOU do in my situation?
For me, it would be a tough choice betwen amp and wii.

EDIT: Get the amp. Wait untill there are better games on the wii.
id say get an amp as you have an MG which by your post im guessing you dont like it plus the wii is most likely to go down in price sometime and you could play real tennis bowling instead of virtually playing it on the wii
amp or keyboard, the novelty of the wii wears off after a few days
L E T S G O F U C K I N C R A Z Y ! ! ! !

Yeah I wasn't expecting the keyboard to be a popular choice on a guitar forum....

the one I want is £300+ anyway, so even if I did choose it, I'd still have to save

so I guess it's down to the amp or the Wii

I don't NEED an amp, my Marshall works fine I'm just not particularly pleased with the sound of it. I'd love a new one.

but then I'd love a wii!! argh!
It depends. If you play in a band and use your amp for it a lot and really wanna imporve your whole sound, then get an amp. If you don't and just use it to noodle around and practise at home, then go with the keyboard. If you play keyboard more than guitar, then go for the keyboard. I'd say leave the Wii...they'll go down in price soon probably.

If you play both keyboard and guitar in a band and need both equally then your buggered, to use the technical term.
Well I'm in a band, but where we practice, the place has amps, so yeah I won't be using my own (unless I found one thats REALLY orgasmic and I couldn't be without)

so yeah that'd only be used at home and maybe if we ever start doing gigs

I play guitar more than keyboard, but I will on occasions be playing piano for my band (in certain covers and whatnot, and if I ever feel like writing a song on piano)

hmmm...not an easy choice...
I would go with the keyboard if your current one is in such a condition. A fellow keyboardist, I understand the importance of weighted keys and keys that aren't melted.
No animals were harmed in order to bring you the above post. However, several photons were greatly inconvenienced.

mmmmh don't know
the WII looks really awesome, and you already got a keyboard and an amp...
i'd say or the WII or the keyboard

Quote by DeSean

EDIT: Get the amp. Wait untill there are better games on the wii.

so, never get the wii?
Get the amp, I was stuck between a Line 6 Toneport UX2 and the Wii for my birthday (Which is on Monday BTW, woo!) and I went for the Toneport. I'm gonna go pick it up today or tomorrow.

The Wii does look like it'd get old in a few weeks, so go with the amp.
Get the amp! The new nintendo system gets screwed up too much and new keyboard isn't dyer.
Get a new keyboard. Keyboards are teh pwn, but ones with semi-weighted keys are expensive.