Hey everybody,

first off, I play an Epi LP Black Beauty. I was thinking of installing a tremelo arm but I like to rest my hand on the bridge sometimes when I'm playing. If you do that with a regular tremelo arm, the strings bend and you're guitar sounds like **** Besides, a tremelo arm on an Les Paul would not make sense since it would kill it's (jummy) sustain.

BUT, some stock Les Pauls actually have a Bigsby installed. And I love the look of a Bigsby, but haven't actually had the chance of playing one yet.

Will Bigsby's bend the strings when just resting your palm on the bridge? Will it kill my LP's sustain? Any other advantages/disadvantages over a regular tremelo arm?

Thx a lot!
I love bigsbys, they're the best Vibrato system you can get IMO.

No they won't bend the strings, it's just like playing a tune-o-matic bridge,
unless you move the arm they won't change in pitch.
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you cant really rest on the bridge comfortably on a bigsby, but if you did i dont think it would have much effect, also it mounts directly ontyo the guitar with no routing soit wont effect the sustain. The disadvantages are that it doesnt have a lot of range, and that its tuning stability is really bad unless you only use it for subtle vibrato.
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Ahhhh that's great to hear I'd only use it for subtle vibrato anyways.

I'll be near the guitar shop tomorrow anyways so I might as well give it a try.

I always loved the classic look of a Bigsby, especially on a Les Paul-type body. Seriously thinking of having one installing now Probably muchos expensive, but I think it'll be worth it.

Thanks a lot guys!
Have you looked at stetsbars?
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One of my friends installed a Bigsby in a cheap epi SG, and I THINK he told me that it was actually much less expensive to have a Bigsby installed than it would have been to have a a Floyd Rose installed. Seems like it makes sense to me, but i could be mistaken.
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Actually I never even heard of them

A quick look on google clarifies a lot Apparently they're really expensive, though I haven't looked up any prices for it.

Any distinct advantages?
Quote by jonas84

Any distinct advantages?

They hold there tune alot better than a bigsby and require no routing.

Disadvantages? the price
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