Ive been playing my acoustic for a year and I just started playing my electric recently. Only problem is I feel and discomfort in my wrists on both hands after a while. Is this because the electric's body is smaller ? Or could it be that I'm playing a song that requires alot of stretching to reach certain notes ?
It maybe that your wrists arn't use to the new possition so it'll be uncomfortable? I doubt you need to stretch that much, maybe a little warm up exercise like scales or somthing, but I doubt that has anything to do with the discomfort.

I believe it's your wrists not being use to the newer, more compact feel and that the bridge is closer to your body etc.
If you give it a little time I think you should loose any discomfort.

However if it's your fingers not being able to stretch for fretting and you get discomfort, just warm up before play and don't over stretch on your distance, you could do some damage. In time you'll be able to stretch over bigger distances, but not by much.
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I guess it's pretty obvious that I'm not used to an electric but what about this:
I'm learning the song Rosy of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage and it's got some unsual chords and such like
If the pain persists for a few more weeks, see a doctor. Keep at it everyday---could be a kink to be worked out, could be a serious problem.
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