Anyone ever heard of Teenage Bottlerocket. Same guys from the Lillingtons. Really good Ramones-core-ish pop-punk. Total was probably the best album I bought last year. Anyway, if you wanna check them out: band website and MySpace (MySpace song has my favorite songs by them up. Blood Bath at Burger King and Go Away are probably my favorites). Anyway, what do you guys think of them?
Yes, but they're not the kind of pop-punk that the emo kids on the pop-punk forum would like. They're real pop-punk, not pop marketed as punk.
Hell yeah. I'd never heard of them until my brother randomly ordered their cd a month or two ago. Fall For Me is one of the best songs ever.
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Really good. Better then the new Lillingtons stuff. But not quite as good as "Death by Television"
They make me want to wear Chuck Taylors and chew bubble gum
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Well first of all, Kody is the only member of TBR that was in The Lillingtons. That said, TBR is an awesome band and i think its sweet **** they got signed to Fat Wreck Chords.
Since there are two TBR threads on the front page, I'll close the less active one.