Hey guys I've had this spare telecaster body laying around for a while and I was thinking about cutting into it. Basically my idea is to cut into the horn of the guitar making it symetrical with the bottom cut making it a double-cut telecaster. My only real concerns are if the neck pocket would lose enough reinforcement that it might bend or break, and if I have enough material to work with on the the top horn. Here's just a picture of the tracing, tell me what you think.

im really not sure, but i think it could be ok cuz the Flying V guitars have like almost nothing holding the neck pocket, and i dont think they break
Warmoth has guitars with little wood on the sides of the neck pocket. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't sell guitars with shitty, fragile neck pockets.

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I don't know if I can help it.

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Go for it!
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Yeah, I'd go for it if the guitar didn't cost too much....if it works, that'd be an awesome piece!
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I don't see anything wrong with doing it, go for it.

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I've seen it done to a Broadcaster (poor guitar), and that one is still holding together 40 years after the mod.

I would post some pictures, but I can't find them anymore.
Looks like it would be good, It would be cool, seeing as there arent too many DC Teles.
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what about a pickup switch? put some GFS lipstick pickups in there!
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The sides of the pocket don't really do much supporting do they? Or none at all even?
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I think that since you still have some of the neck pocket left, and its got a little bit of a straightener (word?) with it, I think it should be fine.

Do it!
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what about a pickup switch? put some GFS lipstick pickups in there!

You're the guy who bitches about GFS pickups in every pickup-related thread, aren't you?
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i would say it would get weak, so instead of making is the same as the bottom, you could make the wood so it connects more to the neck slot...if that made any sense to you
i thought someone already did this? ... im prob. wrong
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