i just dont get them?
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to tweak ur sound more than an amp EQ could

most amp EQs are very subtle

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More detailed EQ changes. So you can make your amp sound like a different amp.
Also adds to your pedal collection.
EQs are awsome they let you twaek your sound, the possibilities become endless one you have agood EQ with Gain and volume controls on it too
I love my MXR 10-band, couldnt live without it.
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Quote by hellview_666

most amp EQs are very subtle

I don't find them subtle at all.
They're just to help you further tailor your amp's sound. Some people like them, some don't. I personally think I could live without one.
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Quote by fireman464
I use one to add volume to solos.

That's called a booster.
Maybe so, but, you can add or accentuate the frequencies that you want with the EQ. It works for me.
I'm pretty sure he's using his EQ-pedal for the boost, which is a great way to use them since they do have a volume-control, plus you can crank those mids or whatever lead sound you're after.
i like them so you can crank the mids and a little bit of highs on the amp but turn down that certain range that sounds piercing, and crank the bass on the amp but turn down the range that makes bass sound like muddy crap. an amp's 3 band eq cant do that, and changing any of them changes how it acts, so putting the eq in the fx loop allows 'subtle changes' to make it sound better. not necessary but much more versitile and usable than people think sometimes.

my 3 cents.
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