what exactly are humbuckers. i know they are pickups but is there loads of different types and can you change them yourself. im confused so could somebody just sum up humbuckers and pickups for me please, thanks.

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From wikipedia (Yes I was too lazy to explain it myself lol): A conventional humbucker (or Humbucking pickup) is a type of electric guitar pickup that uses two coils, both generating string signal. Humbuckers have high output since both coils are in series and because the magnetic circuit is low loss. Since the two coils are of reversed polarity and reverse-wound and connected in series, noise and interference is essentially 'canceled out' through a differential amplifier. They get their name because they cancel out a large proportion of the hum (they "buck the hum").
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sorry but that has to be the most noobish question i've seen.
anyway humbuckers are like two single coils stuck together, they dont hum as much single coils, and have a fatter tone and u get more gain from them.
if u wanna know all this shit then go ahead
yeh i know its nooby. and can i change them myself or would i have to go to a guitar shop and ask them, if so how much would it cost?

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If you can solder, do it yourself. If you can't solder, get someone who can and get them to show you, then do it. If your afraid to rip up you guitar, and have some money just laying around, get to a store. Where I live, in Sweden, I think it would cost about 20-25 bucks. A bit more.