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Boss GT-8
16 67%
Zoom G7.1ut
8 33%
Voters: 24.
Help me chose here, will ya?

I'm looking for a multi-effects pedalboard, and I'm stuck between the Boss GT-8 and the Zoom G7.1ut. Both are excellent quality, and I see some upsides in the Zoom, but, because of the name perhaps, everyone keeps telling me, GT8, GT8, GT8.

The only thing special I see in the Boss is the hundreds of effects. They would keep me entertained for a while, which I guess it's actually a con.

The Zoom has Cubase bundled, and the USB recording. I'm also quite intrigued about the tube, I'm curious on how it would affect my tone. I do like the Boss's sound with my guitar.

So, is it worth it spending a few extra bucks just to get the GT?
try getting a bit more for the 9.1tt. 2 pedals, and an extra tube. i've never tried a boss pedal myself, but both me and my guitarist love our zooms
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yeah, zoom is a great brand, i've tried their lower quality pedals and they still have great tone and are very useful and if you have the money for the GT-8 I would use it to buy the G92tt, its cheaper than the GT8 and it has 2 tubes in it, i think that is the best option if you have the cash

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The tubes would only effect the quality of the amp modelling, not the effects.
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The tube section in the zoom really doesn't do anything...it really only boosts the input and boosts the output, none of the effects interface with the tube at all, and from what I remember from my experience with the unit, they didn't do anything with the amp models either. Also, if memory serves me, the tube stages are both outside the ADACs, so boosting your signal before the digital converter isn't really a good idea (this would push the converter into digital distortion, which is a key ingredient in "horrible digital tone"). Having a tube boost stage after the outgoing digital conversion isn't a bad idea, since it allows you to keep your levels way down as you route through the digital section but boosts the signal back to "normal" as you exit. The 3D expression pedal is a neat toy, but after the new wears off and you get realistic with the unit, it really doesn't serve much of a purpose. The GT-8, in my experience, is far more flexible and usable as an effects board and as a preamp. So you don't get the USB recording interface, so what...save up some money and get a half decent sound card and use the coax digital output from the GT8 to record.

I've heard good things about the zoom, but my experience says go with the boss.

PS...you will actually have to read the manuals for both units if you want to get decent sounds...these units aren't stupid proof and it's real easy to create bad tones by trying to treat these units as actual amps or stompboxes. The output levels on each effect block will have an impact on the next...go to google and search for the phrase "unity gain" to learn about this.
he is really right about the manual... (I have to read it before editing and storing with Unity Gain) and the tube on the Zoom...

I can say about the Zoom is it's pretty decent IMO...
but can get more with a little tweaking and stuff....
I haven't tried the GT-8 so I can't comment on it...
GT-8! C'mon dude! Nothing comes close to it!

(PS. It's my favourite effects unit only 'cause Opeth uses it. You figure.)
^Yeah, so that means the DS-1 rules because Steve Vai used one...
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well the tube won't help a bit, only marketing. next to that, multieffects tend to have so many effects that 80% of it won't even be used.
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So the tubes won't do shit, and I'm still thinking Zoom because of the recording?

Might sound cheap, but I'm getting a good sound and decent tone from putting my computer mic in front of the combo. Serious.
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GT-8! C'mon dude! Nothing comes close to it!

(PS. It's my favourite effects unit only 'cause Opeth uses it. You figure.)

Opeth use a GT-6.
iv got a 7.1ut, the effects and the distortion are awesome but the wah sucks. and yeah the tube does work, to an extent, gives it a much warmer tone.