So I'm at the bar last night and one of my buddies says hey, you are in to guitars aren't you? cuz I have this old Fender guitar that belonged to my dad at home in the closet! So I choked on my beer and almost fell off the bar stool. I then promptly payed the tab and drove him to his house. Well, it turns out to be an old Italian made Galanti. It need work before it was playable so I took it home fixed it up and have been having a blast with this thing all morning. I absolutely love this guitar! what a tone. The dude is coming over after work later to jam. He's gonna be stoked it's all cleaned up and in working order.

I´m gonna rip that beauty from his body with my blod-stained hands!(with gloves on ofcourse!)
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its soo ugly its awsome ... i dont like anything on it ... but all together it looks awsome ...
whats the year?
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well, erm...great.

That's a weird ass pickguard and bridge BTW
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I'm pretty sure it early sixties. I get a kick out of the push button pickup selectors. It's got one for mix (both pickups) bridge, neck, and a kill.