Hi I am from the San Bernardino, CA area and willing to do pickup, as well as ground shipment.

I am looking to sell

Everything i have must go do to unforseen medical costs so everything i have must go. i bought all of this gear from guitar center in late novmeber '06

Also will come with the stock whammie bar and stock allen wrenches

Also comes with 5 packs of .009 extra light GHS rock-it strings

MG Series 10CD Marshall Amp

Dunlop GCB95F Crybaby Classic Wah Pedal w/ Fasel Induct

I really wish i did not have to sell all of this but i must.

Also i am throwing in the RHCP Stadium Arcadium songbook

Everything is pretty much new condition, only been used for 1.5-2months and its always been inside my room. Looking to let everything go for $450 +ship unless u can pick up local (which would be the prefered choice) pm me or email, i respond asap. We would talk on the phone, exchange contact info prior the transaction. i also have 100% positive ebay feedback and 100% heatware evaluation.
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would you sell the guitar separately? and if so, for how much?
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Quote by Sid McCall
would you sell the guitar separately? and if so, for how much?

i would sell it for 300+ship, it will come with the bag and the strings

Quote by Scarface735
would you sell the amp individually?

$40 + ship
hey im very interested in this. i might want to buy just the guitar though. give me a day or two to let you know.
How much for the wah pedal?
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