Well some like him and some dont. I personally agree with just about everything he talks about, but thats just me.

Dont let this go too far off on politics because I dont want to put him in the political thread, but how do yal feel about them man?

Though I agree with most of his polotics, he seems like a real A-hole, when he interviews geust on his show hes a compleat dick to them.
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I just got an old book of his for Christmas. I don't always agree with what he says (death penalty, for example), but he is pretty funny. I used to watch Real Time when I had HBO.
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i hate bill maher. he's a huge, as cas would've called him, sanctimonious prick. i get the feeling whenever he's talking that he's not really thinking for himself. i don't know. i still watch every episode of his show though. i cream whenever pj o'rourke is on. that guy's one of my heroes.