ok so i donno what the deal with my amp is, iv got a Ibanez Tone Blaster 50 Reverb
So the other day i go to put my chord into the input and play but i get no sound
so i unplug the guitar and see if its the chord,
so when i do that i get no static from having the chord just out in the open so i assumed
that it was my chord. So i went down to the store today and bought a brand new one
i come home and try it out, and NOTHING at all nothing with the chordin the input. So i take the chord out of the input and i get static ( hissing and w.e White Noise i guess) and even pick up a radio station,

So guys what to do i donno what to do and i need HELP please
fomr your description it sounds like the guitar input not the amps. you could open up your guitar(if there is a way to) and see if there are any disconected wires.
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are u sure its not the guitar's input?

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