Okay, I'm looking to upgrade from my current crappy set up. I have a mid-90's American Strat and an (ugh) Marshall MG50 DFX (which has been demoted to seating furniture). Anyway, I definitely want to get a new amp. I could get $350-$400 for my current hunk of shit, and I want something $1000-ish. Basically I want something versatile, powerful, and well-made. Also, I only have stock pickups on my Strat, the middle/bridge pickups sound incredibly thin (especially with my shitty amp). I would like to get a new set ($200-ish). Once again, I want a something versatile and full-sounding. What should I buy?
Hmm a vox ac30cc would run you about a 1000, great amp, i love mine to bits, but i dont know what kind of music you play, this amp is killer for classic rock, blues etc, very nice cleans and the top boost channel is sweet. lok into it.
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+1 for seating furniture.

Go for the vox mang.
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get an emg SAV set for ur strat and erm are u looking for a combo amp or like a halfstack thing
Hm, Traynor YCV40 or YCV50 blue are sweet tube amps. 50 watts of tube power if can get pretty loud. I have the ycv 50 and love it, the Celestion vintage 30 is a great speaker. Anyways, check both those amps out.
Buy an amp before you think about getting pickups. You probably already knew this but ..............
I'm definitely the classic rocker type. I would rather a full, rich lead type of distortion (a la Slash, Angus, Page, etc) than a waspish type of overdriven sound. I play lots of classic rock and blues. I've heard lots of good things about Vox, too. And somebody please educate me about tube amps. What is the difference between tubes and solid states? Are tubes commonly available? How often do they have to be replaced? How much are they?
Tubes sound waaaay better than a Solid State (SS), when driven fairly hard.
It's a really organic tone that can't be modeled by a SS.
They're also alot louder. For example, a 5 watt tube amp is half as loud as a 50 watt. A 50 watt is capable of causing hearing loss, when driven hard, and real close to you.
I don't own a solid state - and don't have enough experience with them to honestly tell you what the SS-tube wattage ratio would be. But it's a huge difference to get the same volume.

I personally love Vox amps. I'm a big fan of Brian May. But you if you're looking for Slash and Angus, aim for a good Marshall. The Mesa/Boogie Stilleto Ace can definitely do Marshall gain, though, and it's an amazingly versatile amp. I recommend trying one out at least once. That's my future amp. I don't know much about Marshall, though...Never owned one only tried out a few of their tube models...so maybe other people will be able to help you out.

Tubes don't really need to be changed unless you drive em too hard, too often, without using your standby. You could go a good two years or more before you replace, but even then,they're not difficult to replace them.
I can't believe I forgot about May. He is legend. I forgot about Gilmour too for some reason. My two favorite guitar players.

Anyway, I checked out the Vox site, and some other sites with reviews and stuff, and it seems to me like the classic tube AC30 is a bit beyond my range (the AC30CC is going for $2,300). Plus, insane power is not what I need, I only practice, play with my band, and gig occasionally, and I can be heard easily enough with my current shit-box. I was really only wondering about the advantages of tube amps, not considering buying one. I was looking at the VOX Valvetronics line, and they look pretty sweet, particularly this one, the AD100VT, and this mama.
Eh. Not reeeeally tube tone. But they're good amps.
Also, I haven't tried it, cause I have a pretty bare setup - as in guitar straight to amp.
Buuuut...people say pedals don't sound exactly great through 'em just because they're modeling amps.

The Epiphone Valve Junior is a great tube amp, 5 watts of true tube tone, 99 bucks. If you wanna just try tube-ness.

BTW, the quote in your sig in absolutely hilarious. I saw it a while ago, in some other thread.
I guess I'll just shop around and see what I can find. Also, I wrangled $400 out of a semi-friend for the shit box. And you know what, I'm oddly attracted to that Epiphone tube amp. Maybe I'll get rid of my 15-watt Peavey and take a look.
the vox valetronix is probably the best buy. great range. pretty good tone for the price. and it will let you hear yourself in a band practice (no offense to the valve junior)

for pickups. try Dimarzio Area 61's there fantastic.
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For $1000, you could do alot better than a Vox Valvetronix or Epi Valve... I mean, they ARE good amps but you can get so much better

I suggest you go around guitar shops and try out some amps. Look up Peavey Classic 30 (very nice amp ), Traynors and Fender tube amps. Also, look up 2nd hand JCM 800 combos on ebay? Not sure how much in USA but that would get you closer to that classic rock tone.
I'm not counting the Epi as a main purchase. It would just be a new practice amp to replace my current Peavey Rage 158 15-watt.

The only thing that worries me about larger combos is portability. I need something that isn't too difficult to be carrying around with me.

The Peavey Classic 30 looks cool, but once again, owning a tube amp at this point isn't that important to me. If I getting around to playing and I am blown away by it's awesomeness, I shall reconsider.
hmmm id almost suggest a fender hotrod deville 4x10, a mesa subway rocket is pretty good, if you could find a used JCM800 combo that is a dual channel thatd be ideal, for pickups id say the Texas Special set unless you have a fat strat then id say put a JB in the bridge and go, $1000 can buy a cool amp, and if you shop around you can save yourself money maybe get an epiphone of somekind thats solid mahogany, that way you have the paul and strat sound, essential classic rock guitars
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