I wouldn't think so...

But what do I know?
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are you rigging the speakers in series or in parallel?

EDIT: it should work in parallel
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well if your running 1 cab into one amp you HAVE TO MATCH THE OHMS RATING!!!!!!!!

it can really **** up ur amp if you don't match em. so don't mix em. if your running 2 cabs you need to double the rating on the amp. example

2 4ohm cabs run through the 8 ohm settings. or 2 8ohms though 16 ohms.
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can i put 100w 8ohm spekers in a 100w 4ohm amp?

If you have 2 and wire them in parallel, yes. If you just use one, yes.

Here's the rule: The speaker has to be rated for at least as many ohms as the jack on the amp, so if the amp requires 4 ohms, the amp has to "see" the speaker(s) as at least 4 ohms. It won't hurt the amp or the speaker if the ohms of the speaker are higher than the rating of the amp.
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