I got asked for the first time to a payed gig, where I'd be playing for an hour. The target audience is women from 10-80. I asked what she (the person who emailed me) to play, and she said jack johnson, ballads and some upbeat songs. I showed her 3x5 by john mayer and Frail by jars of clay which she liked. Now I need to find an hours worth of songs and figure out how the progression of the songs should go. So, give me ideas, I'm very open.
Jack Johnson: Taylor, Rodeo Clowns, Dreams be Dreams, Times like these, F-Stop Blues, Better Together, Breakdown - Those are OK to play and sing to
uh, John Mayer - I guess play your Body is a Wonderland, chicks really dig that song.
Other than that, I cant think of any other songs off the top of my head now.
Hey, I've never had a gig before, and this is a paid one. I'm not missing this opportunity. Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming.
Daughters by Mayer is fairly easy, uhh..maybe Hallelujah, some Coldplay maybe... like Don't Panic or The Scientist
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Learn "American Pie" it goes for nearly 15 minutes (not the radio edit version). Taking up 1/4 of your set

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Learn "American Pie" it goes for nearly 15 minutes (not the radio edit version). Taking up 1/4 of your set

I agree, that would be badass. For upbeat, maybe some Foo?
Stone Sour's Song through glass might be good. It's a solid acoustic song that isn't truly upbeat but still pretty good.

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Some cruddy classical that my parents bought off ebay for like 40 bucks.
Some bealtes songs.
For sure.
And maybe some Beach Boys.
American Pie is a good idea too.

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Beatles are a good idea. I would try and find songs that everyone knows, it will be much more fun for the audience that way. Maybe some Rolling Stones songs too, like Wild Horses. Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and John Mayer will probably work good for your audience. Don't do too many songs by one artist though, it will get old.
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+1 unless it's for a good cause, then i would do it for free
Jack Johnson- Taylor, times like these, sittin waiting wishing, better together

Foo fighters- everlong, my hero, times like these

Coldplay- yellow, fix you, shiver

Oasis- live forever, wonderwall

Snow patrol- run, chasing cars

damien rice- cannonball

Just a few suggestions, oh and the usual beatles, james blunt, eric clapton. Not too sure about the older stuff though, can't go wrong with the beatles though.
Do Hey Joe by Jimi, and Here, There and Everywhere by the Beatles.
Psycho Killer,
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Wonderwall - Oasis
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles (Classic song, always goes down well, you need a capo though).

Just some ideas
For John Mayer I'd suggest Clarity, Why Georgia, or Daughters.
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neil young, tom petty, maybe some jimi like hey joe or somethin, johnny cash.
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if your audience is females aged 10-80, sing Tenacious D FHG. That should please both ends of the scale.
I suggest Elton John's Tiny Dancer for sure. It sounds great with just an acoustic.

Also, Billy Joel's Piano Man, if you can play harmonica.
the frey. both of their popular songs are really easy and very fun to play. that is if you like them. i suggest on "how to save a life" to slow down the tempo and pick the chords much like the piano parts

I assume he's reffering to 'The Fray' in which case, in my opinion, it's not worth bothering to play 'How to Save a Life' unless you have a) someone else playing the piano part or b) you ditch the guitar and play it with a solo piano.

It sounds kinda weedy with just a guitar.