Iv tried as hard as i can i still cant get it down. Does anyone know o fsome exercises or tips to better my sweeping?

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Tips: keep pick perpendicular to the strings at ALL times ( |- is a perpendicular angel)
Start real slow and work your way up with the tempos
you should be good
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seriously its just a time of pracitcing at low volumes
when i first started i was like err man this is too damn slow!
then eventually i reaslised i could just do it
and could fly round the neck
keep practicing
speed = 2
just make some up thats what am doing well start slow 1st do 2 string then 3 then 4 and ect and use a metranome
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Tips: keep pick perpendicular to the strings at ALL times ( |- is a perpendicular angel)
Start real slow and work your way up with the tempos
you should be good

Perpendicular? I didn't know that.
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start on like smaller appregios (ass apposed to full sweeps) the ones that use like 3 or 4 strings and build speed with those. im learning to sweep through the song cannon rock (jerry c) i got it down pretty much now. the bridge of that song has a lot of FAST small appregios. try it out works for me.
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Tips: keep pick perpendicular to the strings at ALL times ( |- is a perpendicular angel)

Um it is a lot harder when its perpendicular. . .I use an angle. Because you have to rake across, so you don't really need to use the full force of the pick, if that makes any sense. Keep the pick at an angle (/-) so it'll glide quicker.

What's your problem with it? Your left hand coordination, the picking, or synchronizing it?

If its your left hand, you'll just have to start your patterns slow and eventually your hand will memorize the pattern and you'll start picking up speed.

If its picking, then just mute the strings with your left hand, and continuously go up and down. Make sure your gliding / raking the strings, and not picking them.

Synchronizing your left and right hand will probably be your biggest problem. But if you practice the first two things, and just get the muscle memory, you'll eventually get it.

MY suggestion would be to start out with minor and major arpeggios.

Good luck


i started out with these
Haha I just started out playing Selkies: The Endless Obsession... Then I realized I kinda sucked at it, so I went here...

Yeah I can't find the site but i searched sweep picking lessons in google. Just start out slowly and use a metronome, and practice small arpeggios first. Like


Wtf... Yeah ok good enough.

How long have you been going at it for?
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I would practice the arpeggios picking them without sweeping first, making sure you can execute cleanly increasing the tempo as possible. This helps develop the left hand. Usually syncronization problems are a result of the right hand sweep outpacing the left hand.

When sweeping using high gain settings I think getting a feel for the way the right hand dampens the strings as the sweep is executed is an important factor. It requires a certain "touch", a balancing act like riding a bicycle. Different sweeps may need different touches as well. The hands have to react to the ears. I would recommend getting someone that is good at it to work on it with you in person, even if you have to shell out for a lesson or two. That way you can observe the technique closely and get specific questions addressed on the spot.

It's also important to remember that a sweep is a musical figure and must be executed evenly in time with the music to be effective.

Personally I think Jason Becker is a good role model for effective sweeps.
i have a problem on sweeps that go up and down in one motion. how do i get the first note when i start moving back down the arpeggio to stay in time with the ones going up? it always seems to pause a little longer. and the more i try to get it to move back down the arpeggio faster, the faster the arpeggio sweeps, making it harder to keep up with it. is there always going to be a slightly bigger gap from coming up to going back down? cuz i mean it's not a big gap, but still, i dunno if its supposed to sound like i'm still sweeping the whole time or what.