ok, so ive recently started a band. And there are 2 guitarist.. me being lead.

since im new to this whole thing i dont know how to start out..
wat is the difference between what a lead and rhythm guitarist plays apart from the chords and solos? what is a lead guitarist supposed to play in the verses?? kind of like.. what does slash play in the verses of Sweet Child O' Mine?

so yer can you give me sum advice please?
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They usually play along with the rhythm guitar... Sometimes they just sit there. It all depends.
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Well most songs are actually built around the Rhythm guitar I think. Someone comes up with a chord progression, and some little rhythm, then the lead creates a melody based off of that progession. And sometimes the lead will also play the rhythm part, or just do nothing, like what the above poster said. This all from my experience, so take or whatever, it works for me and my band.

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Yeah. In some of the songs my bands play, there is a constant lead riff playing over the rhythym chords during the verses, and it plays a harmonized part in the chorus. In some songs, the lead just plays nothing during the verse until the chorus where the lead part kicks in.
thanks guys, much appreciated
when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace - jimi hendrix
I'd like to give you an example,maybe that of metallica.Or heck,trivium,if you're a modernist.

Listen to their songs..James hetfield or matt heafy usually play the chords (rythm) part of the song,while Kirk or corey usually play a riff along with the rythm,and when it comes to the solo,they do it too (well,both james and matt do some solos,but leave that out for now).

However,i think you shouldn't deem who's the lead guitarist and who them rythm guitarist is.Just call yourselves the guitarists;its much simpler that way,even if its for technical ability.
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Aside from some of the other suggestions you could just have the lead play the rhythm also BUT at a very muted level so it doesn't get to overcrowded the dynamics. Then when its time for the lead just have him boost his signal melt your face off with some sweet lead then fall back in the pocket with the rhythm muted and harmonizing some chords is always a plus. For me anyway standing there doing nothing waiting for a solo isnt very entertaining for the audience and probably a bit uncomfortable for the guitar player.
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^^^ thanx man.. yer i would rather be playing sumthing than just waiting around for the solo lol and yes i'll try that out.
when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace - jimi hendrix
Get a volume pedal. During the verses, roll back the volume and play the same as the rhythm guitar. Then for the lead riffs and solos, boost it back up.