Poll: Roland Micro Cube vs Vox DA5?
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View poll results: Roland Micro Cube vs Vox DA5?
Roland Micro Cube
5 45%
Vox DA5
6 55%
Voters: 11.
Its not up to us dude. Its up to you. When youve narrowed it down to 2 or 3 amps...its only up to what YOU think sounds best. So, I guess Im sayin ya gotta go try them and decide for yourself.
Well what do you play? What are you looking for in an amp.

In summary the Vox is great for classic rock.

And the Cube is great for metal.

I believe both have effects.

I would choose the DA 5, it suits my playing better, i'm pretty sure it had a better set of effects and I liked the evorall sound.

The Cube is also a great amp.

In all honesty the best advice is what kurdtkobaign said. Try them out, both amps are amazing and you can't go wrong with either. So try them out and see what you like.
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