i'm considering a tele thinline for my next guitar, and i was wondering if i could swap out the bridge bucker. i was wondering because the screw configuration seems sort of odd. here:

what pickup would you recommend?

i dont really play a lot of covers, so no help there, but i want a warm, but hot tone. maybe im not making sense. but if i am, help me out.


You could make it fit.

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The trembucker version should, those have 6 screw holes on the sides, so if you use the outside four it should work.

Props on your guitar taste BTW!

and how does the trembucker sound?

and thanks, i was really looking for a guitar w/ humbuckers, because i have a les paul w/ p90's right now and i want some different tones, and i love this guitar, so hey.
Have you heard the stock pickup in action yet? I mean at home through your own rig? Its pretty decent for a Fender pup. Dont think its junk.
seriously. it's a quality instrument. i wouldnt be so quick to judge the sounds you'll get.
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