during the chorus

I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way

what is the tab for these chords??? i cant get the right sound from the site tabs...
Well, you're verses go something like this...


That's E Major, B Major, C# minor, A Major arpeggiated with trills and such.

Your chorus is simply the same chords in a different order: C#m, E, B, A

or in tab:


That's strummed.

The whole song is supposed to be capoed, too, unless you transcribe it all down two frets. That might explain your "wrong sound."

"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."

I know it. The chords are F#m E B6 F#m. Heres a little diagram of each

Eh, you're probably right, but then I figured it out by myself so...
"Virtually no one who is taught Relativity continues to read the Bible."

ok ill try those. also yes i am using capo on second fret. it makes song easier except closer to the end...
The Intro doesn't use a Capo I believe, it doesn't sound like it does. Everything else uses it at the 2nd fret I'm pretty sure though... Right?
as far as i know the intro sounds just like the recording if you use a capo. it sounds a little different without. also, you cannot play the part with the choir (outro) with the capo as far as im concerned