hey guys just bought my bass yesterday i've played guitar for a few years but since guitarists are a dime a dozen i wanted to start playing bass im really enjoying it so far but i really dont know where to begin. oh and so far from what i've seen you guys are much more mature than the guys in the electric guitar form just thought i would let you know that.
What about some rage against the machine kind of stuff? Incubus is sort of funk-oriented and that's always fun to play. I think some simple RHCP stuff was my first song on bass. Good luck.
I LOVE RATM ON BASS... You can spend hours really getting into some of even their basic bass riffs.
What did you know on guitar? If you knew a lot of scales and theory start applying it to your bass playing. If not get working on that. Also learn some of really well known lines like Money, Another Ones Bites the Dust, etc.
Start with basic stuff like punk and blues, roots and small walking lines. then move on to RHCP and other stuff like that.
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