I was at my local music store today looking at some mixers... there was one small little Behringer one that is just what I need.. but what it has 1 mic input, then 2 stereo inputs (L/R input for 2 lines).. Down on the controls it has line 1 for the mic... 2/3 for the first stereo line.. and 4/5 for the other stereo line... does the 2/3 mean I have two mono signals input? like 1 mono in left.. 1 mono in right.. but would it come out evenly through both speakers or would it come out like... one signal out the left speaker and one out the right speaker..

I really dont understand it...
It was a Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer...
What I need is 2 1/4 mic inputs (mono) 1 guitar input (mono) and either another 1/4 input for a mic or a XLR mic input..

Any help is greatly appriciated.
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