Exams are coming up for many of us at the end of this month and studying can be very stressful. I was just wondering if anyone has any good studying techniques that really helps things stick. I have problems with forgetting some of the stuff when I go to write the test.

any help is appreciated

(also i dont know if this has been done before, i didnt notice when i searched though)
Best studying tip, not going on forums instead of studying.
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You need serious amounts of therapy.

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study with a friend at the library (no distractions) who is serious about the exam
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I don't "study" per se, I just look over things I did in the past for a quick review on the day of the test.
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I don't "study" per se, I just look over things I did in the past for a quick review on the day of the test.

+1, I listen in class and don't open a book outside of class unless I need to do homework. . .then skim a review sheet for less than five minutes.
glad to see you actually care about exams. while you study write questions about what you study. the after you finish studying,then an hour or two later try to answer these questions. whatever you don't get right afterwards go over again. this really works well...if you write good questions.
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make a smart friend

that really does work. my friend is friends with a bunch of geniuses and always uses them to help his grades. anyways, best way to study:

NO DISTRACTIONS: get out of a room that has anything (stereo, tv, guitar, computer ect.) and read over your shit
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i had my exams last month before xmas break got nothing below a 96 on all of them and my highest grade was 102...makes u feel good doesnt it?
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