ok my ****ing e broke. i know the first steps to changing it. after the bridg does it go under the hook or over?(this is the 1rst string). aslo, how do u rap it? i no u have to loop and go under and over or sumthing. the sticky didnt help at all i reely need to no how to do this can some1 plz give me a clear explination?
You mean after the nut I'm assuming? You go under the "hook" and then slide it through the hole in the peg leaving a little slack. After that just start tightening the string with the tuning dial trying to make an even coil underneath the hole in peg (without overlapping the string). Then just tighten in until it feels reasonably tense and bust out the tuner to get the pitch right. After that you just get some wire cutters and cut off the excess string.