Hi, I have the Danelectro FAB Flanger and Metal pedals, and I've noticed they've been eating up 9 volts like crazy. I'm trying to figure out why my power supply won't work. Here are the specs of the pedal.

First it says "Battery power on when cord is in IN jack."

9VDC Power supply, 300 mA max, then it says "center negative."

Then the diagram thing looks like this. (From left to right)

It's a + then a line, then a parenthesis (the one that you get when you do Shift and 9) then line with a dot connected on the end of the left side, then a - (negative sign)

Now here's the specs of the power supply. (This is a Uniden phone supply.)

Input: AC 120V 60Hz 4W

Output: DC 9V 210mA

Here's the diagram.

First there's a - then a line connect to another parenthesis (the one when you push 9) then another line, then a +

When I plug the supply into the pedal, and connect it up to the amp, I get a loud buzzing noise, and you can't hear the guitar. The volume is up, and everything, I'm not an idiot. When I unplug the supply, there is no sound at all. (There's not battery in it either) Should I keep checking all my power supplies that I have, or should I buy the one made by danelectro? Thanks for all your help.

BTW I'm only 13. (14 in 4 days!
You gotta have the polarities the same, the power supply AND pedal have to have the dot in the middle correspond to the negative sign. You also may not be getting enough current. It says 300 max, but you might not be getting enough.
i think 4W is not enough.
let me check how much a normal GUITAR adapter runs at. dont use a phone supply.
k a BOSS effect pedal adapter runs at 9W.
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happy birthday. the power supply might be different polarity as compared to the pedal.
you can take that pedal into a radio shack or similar for a compatable power plug.
but i actually suggest a 1 spot adapter and a daisy chain. u can chain about 6 pedals together for about $30USD.

let me find a site with the picures, to show u. hang on...

oh wait that's a power supply for ur phone? no man. you need to pick up another power supply.

and if u pull out the input guitar cable from ur pedal when ur not using it, it wont kill the battery

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lol Yea I was desperate enough to use a phone supply I was thinkin about just pickin this baby up. CLICK

Thanks for the happy b-day
Definatly buy a daisy chain adapter. got mine for $40 by Godlyke at musician's friend, and it works for most(if not all) pedals, including my danelectro fab chorus, so i imagine it would fork for yours too. happy birthday =)

p.s. Danzig, the Kurt Cobain-Dragonforce thing, i absolutly agree. Nirvana ROCKS!
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p.s. Danzig, the Kurt Cobain-Dragonforce thing, i absolutly agree. Nirvana ROCKS!

thank you.

plus i really hate dragonforce.
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I have the Fab Metal pedal and i use an adapter with these specifications:

Class 2 power supply
INPUT: 120V 60Hz 60mA
OUTPUT: 9V 300mA
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