In my opinion, they're okay, what do you guys think.
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Leaving All Behind. the opening riff is just too badass.
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I saw em live a while back.

They were absolutely terrible.

Their recorded stuff is meh.
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I don't like them, at all. The singer reminds me of Jeremy from Pure Pwnage and an emo mixed.
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I've heard one song off of Metal Blade's latest Metal Massacre compilation, and it's pretty generic power metal in my opinion.
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I saw em live a while back.

They were absolutely terrible.

Really? What made it so bad? I almost saw them live but wasn't able to go, guess it's a good thing.
When he hits those ass notes, my ears get pwned by the awesomeness of it all.
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I'm gonna check them out now, actually. From what I've heard it's just generic power metal. I like to think of myself as adoring the power metal genre... But so far I haven't been able to get into Power Quest, nor Thunderstone; let's hope Cellador will be different... I'd agree with Bottled Ink Co.
The more I've heard of this band, the more I grow bored with them.
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I agree with Screaming Cheetoh. They are a great band. For their age, they have great musicianship.
Enter Deception is a pretty good. Never Again is my favourite song from the album.

The vocalist is kinda meh... but the guitarists are great.