im not really crazy about our band name but i cant get anybody else in the band to change it so im stuck with the name.well.........its "The Floyd Pickett Band". my bandmates like it because there is nobody we know named floyd pickett.its pretty gay. and almost everybody else ive talked to thinks its a really stupid bandname.

I actually quite like it. what kind of music do you play?
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I feel like I'm going to see a Bluegrass group when I see that name.
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Sorry, I think it's retarded. It might work if you're a band 'for fun' and don't ever plan on getting serious; I can see using something like that in a faraway future for some joke-around side project, but I'd never use that for a proper band name, unless I played I don't know, some sort of weird funk or something I guess. Definitely not a rock band name.
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you may aswell call yaself Wet Monkey Titties because no-one is gonna take you seriously, but dont think ur a real hardass and call yoursevles "The razor blade of death"
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awesome. you are on of the few that do.we play like southern/classic/80's rock type stuff

It sounds alright for now, but seeing as I dont know how old you are it might suck. Like to a buncha teenagers that dont really care for music but more substance. I know a few good names if you or anyone wants to PM me.

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I feel like I'm going to see a Bluegrass group when I see that name.

agreed, ever think about "the flying monkeys"
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agreed, ever think about "the flying monkeys"

No no, a better name would be "Dancing Cats in Pajamas".

But seriously, just the word "pickett" makes me take you as a joke.